Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fixed prices vs auction prices

I sell my Etsy items for a fixed price that is 50% higher than the starting auction prices I charged when I was on eBay.
Etsy prices are, when a collector finds something that he or she really likes, they can just 'buy it now' for the listed price.
On eBay, starting prices are lower, to give room for bidders to give their maximum bids. Some pieces go for less than what the fixed price would have been, while others go much higher.
The fixed prices I have placed on all of my Etsy pieces, are 'average' prices from sales made on both eBay and on Etsy.
I also 'rounded' my Etsy prices to even dollar amounts, to do away with those odd cents I have been using.


elphabainwicked said...

And you art is worth every penny and more...

And the awesome thing is you always have "original" pieces to choose from at all times. To me, this is what makes collecting art from you more exciting. If an original sells, it is limited o the number of prints. You are always giving so many opportunities for others to enjoy your new creations.

Charlene said...

Thanks so much for your comment! I think my prices are very fair but, I thought it worth mentioning for anyone who wondered why the price difference from auction to fixed.