Monday, February 11, 2008

Heeding 'unasked for' advice...

I used to be on eBay but, I've been on Etsy for several months and I LOVE IT there!!!
I ran across a conversation in the Etsy forums discussing eBay members, disgruntled with the changes on eBay, using Etsy as a way of staging some sort of 'blackout' protest against eBay.

I was somewhat dismayed at learning this.

I love Etsy...eBay not so much. But, to use the wonderful Etsy site to try to change things on eBay is just plain wrong! I think if one is disgruntled with eBay they have three choices...try to change things ON eBay, accept the changes that have been made and continue to list there, or (as I did) just LEAVE eBay and be very happy that you have found a new site that is as viable as Etsy and build your business there.

I had my first eBay listing pulled in early 2005, because I had used wording---sent to me by the eBay charity group I was part of, as eBay deemed it 'keyword spamming'. I had was a feature plus listing...but, what really upset me was that, some of the bigger sellers did not have their listings pulled (using the exact wording...which we were TOLD to use.)
Unfortunately, there wasn't an Etsy to go to at that I just had to 'grin and bear it'.

I've had listings pulled for having links to EBSQ...even though almost everyone I know on EBSQ who uses the EBSQ templates had links back to EBSQ, I was pulled and no one else was. Still, no Etsy to turn to.

I could go on and on about the injustices suffered at the hands of just 'is what it is'. I no longer have an eBay account...but, I would never use Etsy as a 'forum' to voice my opinion of eBay. I learned, many years ago, that any attention 'positive or negative', given to your competition is like 'free advertising' for them! Personally, I don't want to give eBay a penny's worth of 'advertising'. So this is the very last time I will include the company name in any of my posts.
I had to read someone else's view to see my own shortcomings.

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elphabainwicked said...

I am so sorry this happened to you. This makes no sense.