Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 I've got plans to do a number of  "Poe inspired"
paintings in the coming weeks.
I've already done some small 4" x 4" Poe paintings like
"The Gold Bug" shown here.
I had some frames that I've held on to for some time
and decided to do pieces that would fit the frames and offer 
the little paintings framed and ready to hand.

I also have pieces based on...
still available in my Rustic Goth Etsy Shop.

To add to pieces like...
which is a digital painting...
I am working on some Acrylic Canvas paintings based on Fairytales by
The Brothers Grimm
Hans Christian Andersen.
I have completed a Grimm inspired piece,
shown here...
and I'm almost done with Andersen's
"Little Mermaid".


Allen Klein said...

Oh my God how awesome poem, you have so artistic and poesy view. Like too much this guys whose are as like you...

Austin said...

Poem is the key of art. Who has poesy view he or she capable to see all things through their eye of mind.

Moon Art Design said...

These are beautiful! ( As are all of your paintings!) Nice work! I actually just noticed the alice on your facebook feed (with mushrooms) love that too!

I still have a print of your Alice In W-land with the mad hatter's tea party scene! Still love it!!