Friday, January 11, 2013

A blog for every shop...

Well...not really....
I Do have a new Blog
for Rustic Goth.

It's still in the very early stages...I think only one or two posts...
I wanted more a a 'Business' I opted
to do a Rustic Goth Blog on Wordpress...
with most of the updates going there.

Since I've had a couple of non-art related blogs there...
that I rarely update anymore...(just no extra time)...
I'm thinking of doing a blog for
my other Etsy Shop
and one for
my ArtFire Shop
on Wordpress as well.

I've just spent several days redesigning my Rustic Goth website
which still isn't finished...trying to make it a bit more
'mobile device friendly'
though I'm not sure I succeeded in that.

Then...we'll see if I have the time and the energy to

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