Saturday, October 22, 2011

What my 'creepers' mean to me.

'Say A Little Prayer'
was the first painting I did in the 'creeper' style
a few months after losing my husband to cancer.
It was a pretty dark time for me...
I couldn't seem to pull myself out of the 'dark' place
I had gone.
Grief stage 1 - Denial.

'Give It Back'
Grief stage Two -- Anger.

'Two Hearts'
Grief Stage Three -- Bargaining

With their hearts on their sleeves or dragging in the dirt behind them, 
I think I was at this point the longest.
Grief Stage 4 - Depression.

Finally...though it
 took a few years... eventually my art
began to take on a lighter and more hopeful 'feel'.
Grief Stage 5 - Acceptance

Now...I think I can move on to other things
and other characters in the coming year.
Not...that I've given up on my creepers....I think we'll see them

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