Sunday, January 16, 2011

Very Cool Etsy Apps

In my's important to be

On eBay the only thing one could do was...
list often.
With all the 'knock off' overseas artists that flooded the
market there, that didn't help much.
Within seconds of listing...I was usually pretty much buried.

When I started on Etsy...I didn't realize, for months, that
it was possible to renew a listing.
I couldn't believe how much it improved my visibility and my sales.

So now I try to list or renew about 10 items every day.

The only problem with that was how much it 'kept' me tied to my computer.

Lo and behold...someone came up with an Etsy App
that will schedule my 'renews'...
what a time saver that has become.

Statsy has become another one of my
new 'favorite' apps.

I can now schedule renews for times that I am sleeping or
away from my computer..
and I am getting so much more done!
It is really great!
I love it!!

My other favorite app is
Etsy on Sale...
it lets me schedule sales in my Shop
with starting times and ending times.
A great app but....
I see they are now charging 4 credits per Sale
and credits are $1.00 each....
so I won't be having as many Sales in my Shop.

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Dyche Designs said...

Etsy on sale was a great application but I'm not sure how much I'll be using it now that they've started charging for it.