Tuesday, December 22, 2009

List of Prints...Being Retired

I've made my decisions
about which Rustic Goth prints
will be retired in 2010.
I've shown a small sampling of those prints
in the picture here.

Last year, I didn't retire nearly as many
pieces but...as a result...
my computer has gotten really 'bogged' down
because of the space it takes
to store so many prints at such large sizes.
(I need the large size...to make the best prints possible.)
And...since I do have more than just
my Rustic Goth site
offering prints...I have somewhere between 175 and 200 LARGE prints
stored in my computer.

At least, that many more large prints are stored on my
little Zipfile thingy I recently purchased...but it's already full
and I'm going to have to get a couple more.

Anyway...I do go on and on at times...

I'm retiring the following prints for
Space reasons...but also for...'freshness' reasons.

Those pieces are…

1. Heart Strings
2. Sweeney and Jack
3. Are We Running Out of Time
4. Another Time…Another Place
5. The Waiting Begins
6. Desdemona
7. Gathering Stars
8. Where My Heart Lies
9. It’s Here If You Want It
10. A Long Forgotten Past
11. I’ll Give It To You
12. Show Me Yours
13. Birds In The Winter Woods
14. I’m Only Trying To Get A Better View
15. Alone On My Swing
16. This Isn’t Something You Play With
17. Burying My Past
18. Requiem for A Lost Friend
19. My Paradise Lost
20. Going Fishin’
21. A Melancholy Spirit
22. Give and Take
23. Inside My Asylum
24. Creeper Joe Walks His Crow
25. This Won’t Be Easy

Rather than post individual links for each print..
it is easiest for me...
and possibly for you..
 to click on this link to my Shop
and type the title of the print
into the search bar.

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Best Art Studios said...

I don't know why but this makes me kinda sad.

Some of these prints are favorites of mine.