Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm Retiring...

Well....I"M not retiring...but
some of my prints are.
At the end of every year...
I 'retire'
some of my open edition prints.
I do this to 'make room' for new pieces.
I'm a little OCD about the number
of items I have in my Etsy Shop
at any given time.
I like to keep it between 140 and 150...
that's about maximum for me to be able to manage.
Since I have to have Jaime do
my printing for's also easier to
'zip' all of my old pieces and just keep the pictures
on my computer..of the pieces that are current.
heaven knows...I already have a three or four day job
ahead of go through all of the prints
that are currently calling
my laptop..home.
So...I'm going to spend a few days
making decisions...
which prints are staying..
which are to be 'retired'.
Once I have it all figured out..
I'll list the


moonartdesign said...

this is a nice one.... my fav. series is the Alice in Wonderland.
Can I buy a print from you?

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said... can!
I have put a PayPal Buy Now button on my blog for anyone who wishes to purchase my prints directly from me.
Just put the Title of the print you want in the 'note' section.

Thanks so much for your lovely comment and your interest in my art!