Monday, April 20, 2009

I've been working on a new website....

In October 2005
I was working with three of my children,
two 'children-in-law'
and my husband, as part of the
ZOA Group
and we built a group website using Yahoo web hosting.
The 'ZOA' stands for
Zatloukal Original Art..
and we sold our a group.
It was easiest to work as a group..
with all of the treatments, hospitalizations..etc
because of my husband's cancer.
It was difficult for all of much easier to do it as
one body.
Anyway...after my husband lost his battle...
the group pretty much went separate ways,
but we kept the group site going...until last week.
I had been debating whether to continue with the site...
but I couldn't justify paying more at this host
than I would need to elsewhere..
and I was the only one who could work on the site.
(And...I really didn't care for the sitebuilder.)
So...I decided to let it go and rebuild the site elsewhere.
So...I did!
At least...part of it!
For now...I'm going with the 'free plan'...
I'm waiting for the domain name on our old site
to become available...
for some reason I was unable to transfer it...
(my only option was to keep the site where it has been)
so I cancelled...and now I'll wait.

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