Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What I'm 'Up' To...

Well...it seems there are no new "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" - Sims videos to post -- so, I'll give those a 'rest' for a while.
I didn't 'consider' the fact that the movie is supposed to come out in July...and for those folks who..don't read the books but, catch all the movies...perhaps they don't know what takes place the last part of this book. So, I won't give it away either.

So...to bring everyone up to date...on what I've been 'up' to...I've decided to split my work time between my art...and my other new 'job'. It's taken a couple months of 'learning' but, as that is 'wrapping up', I'll begin to have more time, so that I can get back to creating some new paintings, etc.
I know that I've had sooo many requests to put my art on this site and on that site..in this show and that one...that I've been somewhat 'overwhelmed'. I've 'promised' to check some of these out but, I've had so little time to get to all of the requests! (At this point, I'm not seeing how I can possibly manage anything new with my art.)

About all I can say, at this point...is that I should have some brand new paintings within the next couple of weeks...I'm really 'needing' to do some new pieces...I need an 'outlet'!