Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Here are a few of my newest..some not yet listed...ACEOs in my blog.
Meet 'Gertie'...she lives under the sea. She's a 'merple'...kind of a cross between a mermaid and a girl. She is so darling in person, I do wish the scans of my ACEOs translated better than they do.
Green Gertie is titled - 'Gertie Juggles Bubble'!
Brown Gertie is titled - 'Gertie "Strikes A Pose" and will be listed on Art By Us by this week-end.
Red Gertie is titled - 'From Gertie - With Love' and will be listed on later today.

These pieces have all been revised and are all currently listed on Art By Us! (revised 2-19-08)


elphabainwicked said...

I like the set of Gerties. Seeing them all together with their different colors and action is really a neat way to see how they will look. And to just make someone want to have them all. I know I WILL. :-)

CMZ Art said...

I hope you like them with the changes...let me know if you liked them better the first way.

elphabainwicked said...

Actaully either way is awesome. But after reading that they should be "under" the sea, it does make sense to make the additions. I do like the Gertie pieces alot.