Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I am closing my Shop...Not So Fast....

CMZ art ArtFire avatar ArtFire!

I have decided to close my CMZart  ArtFire Shop...on September 10th!

After trying a couple different eCommerce builders....I have decided that I
neither have the time...or the try to find one that does what I want and need it to.
This close to what I hope is my 'busy' time of year...I have opted to leave ArtFire open, at least through the rest of this year.

Then I will re-evaluate how well (or not) ArtFire is doing and I'll make a decision
when I have more time to experiment.... for now...No New Web Store
and ArtFire will remain open through the end of the year!

It puts me about a month shy of one year...and I was originally going to give it one year ... but...
the site just is not paying for it's time to go ahead and close the doors.

My Rustic Goth Etsy Shop will remain open 
(until and unless they make changes to the site that ends up being more than I can bear)...
and for the time being...
my Fairytalez N Fantasiez Etsy Shop will also remain open.

I combined the two Etsy Shop to create the CMZart ArtFire Shop...
offering a 'one stop shop'...
but most everything that I did sell through ArtFire was a Rustic Goth item...

so I will give Fairytalez N Fantasiez
until next Spring
before I make any final decisions on that Shop.

There were a lot of 'bugs' during checkout in our ArtFire Shop as well as
too much 'downtime'
 (which also influenced my decision to close this shop)

I've decided to open my Own Rustic Goth online Shop .. 
on my website...

I plan to have that shop up...and fully operational
 by the first week of September!

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