Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sometimes I visit the Forums

I usually don't go to the forums....unfortunately, I tend to find
more negativity there than I care to call into my day.
But...occasionally, I find a need to visit there.

Last week, I visited a learned there was a big 'scandal' of sorts...
if you don't already know about it...
here is the info. this is has somewhat escalated into
which has also spawned some Facebook pages
and the such.

One of the things being asked of Etsy Sellers...
is to change their avatars
to something with show their
support to keep Etsy the place to shop be more
forthcoming about what is and is not allowed on Etsy.
Many of the Sellers have also opted to place their Etsy
Shops on vacation on May Protest.

I still have not decided what to think about all of this...on one hand...
it doesn't really affect me...
on the other hand...maybe it does.

I was selling art, very briskly, on eBay, at a time that numerous
artists were SERIOUSLY selling five figures a month, EVERY month...
we only did that a couple of times...but it was thrilling.
We didn't think too much about all the changes they began to make..
until it was too late and our business was pretty much
knocked out from under us.
I don't really want to taste that bitter pill again!

But...on a lighter note...
I also found something very wonderful in the forums...
right next to the angry posts about the protest...
it was a 'thread' about the Love of one
Seller towards another...even though neither has ever
met the other in person.
It brought tears to my eyes...and I have been
blessed to have exchanged numerous emails with Trudy
throughout this evening...
you can read more about this truly beautiful person

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