Saturday, December 6, 2008

A busy week so far.

It is my personality to keep myself as busy as possible. I really
don't like sitting around, unless there is someone to talk to.
I find it very difficult to just
sit and watch TV by myself. I mean, really,
how depressing is that!!!?
I still manage to get in waaaay more TV time
than the average human being, I'm sure. At least, most of
that is done while I'm working on things
that don't call for 100% of my attention.
I can kind of divide it up 50/50.

I don't like to have it completely quiet
in my home either. Even when I need 100% concentration,
I turn on the New Age Music channel
(since there's usually not any lyrics to distract me)
Or...I turn on the Weather Channel.
They run the same Storm Stories over and over and over again...
sometimes several times in the same week..
then they start the next week with the very same shows.
It's good 'background' noise though. I certainly don't
have anything to pay attention to.
Anyway...I've been doing some of my own
research on programs that I had some questions about.
I decided to sign up for a couple of them so I
could have the 'first hand' info...
then, sometime after the first of the year
I want to write about my findings.
We'll see how it goes.
In the meantime...I'm pretty close
to calling it 'quits' on new paintings
for this year.
I don't have a good reason, but I just have a problem
painting something that will be dated 2008, when the year
is almost over.
Like it said...there really isn't a good reason for not
painting a 2008 piece...even on the very last day of the year...
except that I don't like to do this...because I'm a little OCD.
I don't like to work on Sundays...since every other Sunday is family day...
but I had to move family day from this week to next...
I have fallen just toooo far behind in shipping. Sunday is going to be full of...shipping. Which is a good
if nothing sells, there's nothing to ship...
and I have more shipping
than I thought I would's good!
Hope everyone has a good week....
I've got some more Harry Potter's starting again on Monday.
Hopefully somebody is getting a kick of these...I know I did:)

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