Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm Back....with some very new pieces!

Well...I hopefully am back 'up and operational'. I ended up needing a new wireless router for my computers. Both my laptop....(which I do most of my "computer" work on)...and my PC...(which I upload my pictures..print my shipping labels, prints...etc.).........were both affected by my faulty router. I got a little behind, but I'm hoping I can be all caught up by the end of this week-end.
My "working vacation" was helpful as I was able to make some new decisions on both of my shops. CMZart is going to get a whole new look, over the next couple of weeks. I was very close to just shutting that shop down.
As for Rustic Goth...well, I'll just say...I'll be listing fewer ACEOs and even fewer ACEO prints.
I will be doing more photography, photo manipulation and digital art pieces. I'll be removing a lot of what I currently have in the shop to make room for the new pieces.
The photo I have with this post is an example of a combination of photography, digital art and photo manipulation. I really do like this piece and it made into a Treasury within a day of listing it.

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