Friday, December 28, 2007

Saying Good-bye to 2007

So...this is how I feel about 2007.
I was so anxious for 2006 to end...I was certain that 2007 HAD to be better.
I hadn't counted on spending most of the year in is how I've felt, most of the year.
I'm better now. I finally feel like creating again. I have really liked many of the pieces I've done over the past couple of months.
I always enjoyed doing the abstracts...but, these little pieces have done way more for my spirit and healing. It's like..if I'm feeling sad...I just do a piece with this sad little guy...and then I get to feeling 'sorry' for him...not so much for myself!
I didn't find the same 'theraputic results' with the abstracts.
So, as I 'say good-bye' to 2007...with all of it's ups and downs ...I'm not looking for any 'miracles' in 2008...just a lot of hard work, new adventures and some of my best art yet!!


elphabainwicked said...

As I put together my art book, I will alternate your 2007 pieces to ensure their is a sad and then a happy one.

You have brought so many smiles to me, that I want to send as many as I can to you.

Yes, 2008 will be your year to open like a rose...the beautiful person that you are inside and outside...we will all feel the excitement of the new year with you and live it through your words, art, and all the love that you give each and everyday.

Not only can I say I am collector of such a talented artist, but I can call you my friend.

CMZ Art said...

Perhaps you are my 'rock of encouragement', as I have been very pleased with almost all of the pieces I have created in 2008! I have a piece here or there that I think I could have done better. Unfortunately, they really don't translate as well as I wished they would in photos. They are all so much better in person.
I have some very exciting series planned...most of them on the macabre side...and I plan on starting on some canvas pieces very soon!!!
I'll need to get really organized first though. I have started organizing what I need to do online, now I really need to clean my house!

elphabainwicked said...

Just remember, we are our own worst critic. But a true collector should know that the piece is "ALWAYS" better in person. I will be the first to say that all of your pieces are much better in person.

Each piece you create is so exciting. You really are making the pieces different than the next. I never know what to expect anymore. I love the macabre pieces you do!

Oh and if it's any consulation, I still have not packed up my basement, so you are giving me an incentive...or maybe I will wait for you to start and take my que from you. :-) And well, my house, I think I better run the vacuum before I start spitting up